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About GoDominica

Formed in 2019, the GoDominica Marketing Group is a locally owned and operated cooperative, of accommodation providers in Dominica. Controlled by business/accommodation owners who have operated in the Dominican market for over twenty years. We currently have 15 members and counting providing accommodation in nearly 100 rooms and …We are growing!

Our collective aim is to provide visitors with an easy way to find available accommodation whilst maintaining our local priorities and maximizing the benefits of tourism for our visitors and our local economy alike.

We charge our members a small percentage commission on bookings and we do not charge our guests to make a booking. You deal directly with your chosen property, allowing the individuality and personality of our local businesses to shine through.

GoDominica.com is designed to tailor, create and deliver on the dream vacation that’s in your plans making them a reality.

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We are very much aware of the value of trust, so you can be sure that any data you enter on our GoDominica website will only be used as outlined in our Privacy Policy Statement.

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