GoDominica’s Pilot Project with DDA & the DHTA

From Discover Dominica Tourism Update Newsletter – Issue 43 of 2019, by Hans Schilders, GoDominica Formed in early 2019, the GoDominica Marketing Group is a locally owned and operated cooperative of accommodation providers in Dominica and controlled by business/accommodation owners who have operated in the Dominican market for over twenty years. The promise of the […]

Glassy Point Photos by Derek Galon

One of Dominica’s top photographers, Derek Galon, has given us a Christmas gift: his discovery of a funky rock on the side of Glassy Point and stunning drone photos of that area. Enjoy the views, read his comments, and come to Dominica to see all these natural wonder with your own eyes. All photos below […]

Spectacular Photos by Derek Galon

Without any doubt the best photographer of Dominica is Derek Galon. Today he published on Facebook some fresh drone photos of Scotts Head, Dominica, from less known angles. While I flew drone for the first photo – it was attacked by… a swarm of bees! Oops! I had to land it away from me, and […]

Discover the world’s first “hurricane-proof” country

Make your next vacation a new experience The image above is the Botanical Garden in Dominica’s capital Roseau, 2 years after hurricane Maria. It’s green and clean again; a nice place for a stroll and to learn about some special plants and trees. Dominica is still recovering from the damages of that monster hurricane on […]

FreeToBook – 7 Pledges

Does your booking system care ?  7 pledges that differentiate the best possible from other booking systems that you might just about put up with but don’t really love. We genuinely pledge to: listen, care about, support and advise continually develop maximise direct bookings above all other bookings protect you from powerful corporations  be the best booking system possible […]

Dominica Top Emerging Destination

Dominica Selected as a Top Emerging Travel Destination for 2020 by Travel Lemming! Exciting news! We’ve just heard that, Dominica has been selected as one of Travel Lemming‘s Top Emerging Travel Destinations for 2020!  This means that Dominica was hand selected by a Judges Panel consisting of top travel influencers and bloggers from around the world. The […]

GoDominica Privacy Policy

GoDominica Privacy Statement This document describes how we collect, use and process your data. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is effective from 25 May 2018. GoDominica has always wholeheartedly supported data protection and transparency. We have always known the value of trust, so you can be sure that we will only use your data as […]

Dominica #1 Place to Visit in 2020

Dominica Selected as a Top Destination for 2020 in The Wall Street Journal! More great news – over the weekend, Dominica was selected as one of The Wall Street Journal‘s “10 Places to Travel In 2020!!” Not only was Dominica handpicked as one of the 10 destinations featured, but it is also the first one […]

More Ways You’ll Get to Dominica

Dominica has 2 airports: Douglas-Charles Airport, DOM, (previously called Melville Hall) in the north-east near Marigot. Most flights arrive here. Canefield Airport, DCF, close to the capital Roseau but only fit for very small planes (max 16 passengers). Important Update: New Flight Connections from Europe From PARIS ORLY with Air France, Air Caraibes, or CorseAir […]