GoDominica’s Pilot Project with DDA & the DHTA

From Discover Dominica Tourism Update Newsletter – Issue 43 of 2019, by Hans Schilders, GoDominica Formed in early 2019, the GoDominica Marketing Group is a locally owned and operated cooperative of accommodation providers in Dominica and controlled by business/accommodation owners who have operated in the Dominican market for over twenty years. The promise of the […]

FreeToBook – 7 Pledges

Does your booking system care ?  7 pledges that differentiate the best possible from other booking systems that you might just about put up with but don’t really love. We genuinely pledge to: listen, care about, support and advise continually develop maximise direct bookings above all other bookings protect you from powerful corporations  be the best booking system possible […]

GoDominica Privacy Policy

GoDominica Privacy Statement This document describes how we collect, use and process your data. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is effective from 25 May 2018. GoDominica has always wholeheartedly supported data protection and transparency. We have always known the value of trust, so you can be sure that we will only use your data as […]