Discover Dominica Promoting Hot Pools

Ti Kwen Glo Cho - GoDominica

Would you like to win an all expenses paid trip to the Nature Island Dominica?

Dominica’s official Tourism Authority, Discover Dominica is giving such a prize for just a single photo. Read the text below and find out how you can win. Don’t forget to share your photo’s also on the FaceBook page.

For a romantic experience in a relaxing environment the various ‘hot water’ natural sulphur spas in Wotten Waven are a perfect get-away. Most facilities are surrounded by lush trees, creating an intimate setting. The varying temperatures of the baths let you hop from pool to pool and experience the natural waters amidst the tropical forest.

Share your best photos from locations on the #Natureisland to your Facebook or Instagram account and win an all-expense paid trip to Dominica. Tag our account @DiscoverDominica and include the hashtag #DomincaViewPoints in your caption. Multiple submissions are welcome!

Pictured are Ti Kwen Glo cho and Bongo Baths

Ti Kwen Glo Cho - GoDominica
Bongo Baths - GoDominica
Batibou Beach - GoDominica
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