How you can get to Dominica

Dominica is Nature Island of the Caribbean, not yet uncovered by mainstream tourism. This also means that getting to the island can be more challenging. We have collected all the information you need to get to Dominica successfully, by boat and plane.

The Nature Island isn’t your typical Caribbean island, thick with tourists and traffic. Your journey to Dominica will most likely start from another island in the Carribean and then you’ll take a ferry or regional airline to Dominica.

Regional airlines make the journey to Dominica easier with the increased number of direct flights to Dominica from San Juan (Puerto Rico), Barbados, Antigua, St. Maarten, Guadeloupe a.o. at very reasonable rates.

The ferry can also be used as a means of getting to the Dominica from the neighboring French islands Martinique and Guadeloupe, or St. Lucia via Martinique.

Flying to Dominica

Dominica has 2 airports:

  • Douglas-Charles Airport, DOM, (previously called Melville Hall) in the north-east near Marigot. Most flights arrive here.
  • Canefield Airport, DCF, close to the capital Roseau but only fit for very small planes (max 16 passengers).


International flights from the U.S. and Europe are connected to the island through airports in

  • Antigua,  ANU
  • Barbados,  BGI
  • Martinique,  FDF
  • St. Maarten,  SXM
  • Puerto Rico,  SJU
  • Guadeloupe,  PTP
  • St. Lucia, SLU


Airline LIAT offers direct connections from Antigua and Barbados, as well as other connecting flights into Douglas-Charles Airport. LIAT has partnerships with JetBlue and British Airways, allowing travellers to book Dominica directly through these carriers.

Airline WINAIR has scheduled services between Guadeloupe and Douglas-Charles Airport, and onwards to St. Maarten and to Puerto Rico. This service operates four times a week. WINAIR expands its service to Dominica on a seasonal basis with up to three times weekly service between St. Maarten and Canefield Airport. WINAIR has partnerships with United, Air Caraibes, Air France, British Airways, KLM, and others.

Air Antilles operates flights between Guadeloupe and Douglas Charles Airport and onwards to St. Maarten and Puerto Rico in cooperation with WINAIR. Air Antilles will operate twice weekly between Guadeloupe and Douglas-Charles Airport commencing November 1, 2019.
Air Antilles partners with Air France, allowing travellers to book their flights to Dominica directly from Paris.

Seaborne/Silver Airlines provides four times weekly service into Douglas-Charles Airport from Puerto Rico. The airline partners with American Airlines, Delta, and JetBlue, allowing travellers to book their flights to Dominica directly through these carriers.

We are always available to help you find a good flight to Dominica. 🙂

With a Ferry to Dominica

There are two ferry ports in Dominica:

  • Roseau, the capital, in the south-west, and 
  • Portsmouth, the second largest city, in the north-west

There are two companies offering ferry service to Dominica:

The ferry company l’Express des Îles operates between Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique and St Lucia. This ferry will arrive in Roseau.

The Val Ferry only operates between Guadeloupe and Dominica. It makes a stop in Portsmouth and in Roseau.

The travel time by ferry from Guadeloupe and from Martinique is a little over 2 hours. Coming from St. Lucia, the ferry stops in Martinique so your total travel time from St. Lucia to Dominica is well over 5 hours.

Please check very well the different time schedules (they change frequently; we can’t guarantee to be up to date) and don’t hesitate to ask us if you need assistance.

Ferry Schedule January 2020 (exceptions)

Ferry Schedule February 2020

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