Glassy Point Photos by Derek Galon

One of Dominica’s top photographers, Derek Galon, has given us a Christmas gift: his discovery of a funky rock on the side of Glassy Point and stunning drone photos of that area.

Enjoy the views, read his comments, and come to Dominica to see all these natural wonder with your own eyes. All photos below are credit of Derek Galon.

This beautiful rock was impossible to see before hurricane Maria. Trees blocked view at that side of GLASSY POINT (Pt Glassé). When coming down, one could only see the cove on left side. But this funky rock is on right side. Only now, with many trees gone, you can see it from one spot, a narrow path before descending to water level. Having a glimpse at this rock, I decided to fly drone over and find it. Otherwise I would not know about it either, and would never fly drone there.
So, now the Glassy Point has an added attraction.

As for the hike, the trail is nicely restored, I am happy to say. Moderate hike, about 25 minutes, but in final part – quite exposed – I would avoid rainy days, because if it is muddy and slippery, end part can be a bit dangerous. But in dry weather – it is fun. Enjoy these freshly taken pictures!

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