How To Add 15% VAT For Meals in Your FreeToBook.

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I think this blog needs some explanation or you may wonder what this weird blog is all about 😉

Here’s the story: the accommodations who offer lodging on this GoDominica booking platform all use the same program to manage the calendars of their rooms and their bookings. That program is called FreeToBook.

We use this blog for various forms of information exchange. One of them is giving tips to our service providers (accommodation owners) on the good use of the program FreeToBook so that we can offer a high quality booking service to our international visitors. So that might be you :-). Feel free to browse this blog post but don’t expect it to be if interest.


  • If you are a visitor looking for accommodations and attractions on Dominica, then this blog post is just showing you that we try hard to give professional service.
  • If you are a service provider offering your accommodation on the GoDominica booking platform, then this blog post may be important for your for you for using FreeToBook. Please continue to read !!


Accommodation VAT is 10% and Service (Meals) VAT is 15%.
How do you change the VAT for Meals?
Click on the "Availability" Tab and select "Booking Extra's".
The following screen will come up.

Once to have filled in the information, it will show up in the Blue box, showing below.
This is where you would Edit Tax amount to 15%.
Click on Save and then you're done!
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